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Reid & Haley

Y’all. This wedding was so special for me and Jack, and it deserves a bit of a background story, so make sure you read to the end! Haley’s mom and Jack’s mom were roommates in college and have remained best friends to this day. Over the years, they’ve each graduated, married, and had kids of their own, but a tradition they’ve kept since college was to go to the Latimer’s ranch with a group of friends and their kids every summer. Of course, I had heard stories of the Latimers and the other families, but because I had missed the ranch trip from being at camp, Haley’s wedding would be my first time to meet everyone. Alright, Haley and Reid are THE sweetest couple. I knew they were great coming into it, but the amount of times Reid cried throughout the day (y’all just watch the first look, you’ll cry too) and how much they also made each other laugh was unreal.

Another thing to mention is the Baylor pride in this wedding. With Haley being a former Baylor cheerleader, there were so many sic 'ems and Baylor alumni, and even a surprise cheer routine to the Baylor Line. So good.

OH, and one more thing. the first song in the video, “I wont give up,” is an original by Haley’s cousin, Ty Dillon. We met him at the wedding and asked him to maybe cover a song for the video, and he came up with an original in a couple weeks, and we are insanely grateful because it completely exceeded our expectations. Check him out at @tydillonmusic and! I think this was one of our favorite weddings to film, and for obvious reasons. Jack and I are so, so thankful for the Latimer and Spiller families and we can’t wait to see them again. Congratulations Reid and Haley, we love y’all!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Briscoe Manor / Florist: The Garden Gate / Wedding Coordinator: Jamie Eggleton / Cake: Rhonda Griffin / DJ & Music: Essen Entertainment / Photo Booth: The Houston Photo Booth / Photographer: Evoke Photography & Video

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